Access Control devices will provide a level of security allowing for the segregation between the general public and authorized personnel as well as providing tiered security management levels between areas of low, medium and high security. Access controlled devices are programmed to reflect specific operational requirements on a door by door basis and can be configured to have a dual functionality capabilities of restricting access, as well as alarm management purposes. There are multiple devices available for this purpose ranging from the standard Keypad entry to Proximity and Smart Card Readers, to high security devices such as Biometric Finger Scan and Retina Scan devices.


CCTV provides a visual management tool to assist in deterring theft, monitor environmental, health and safety concerns as well as providing documented evidence of fraudulent activities. There are multiple cameras available to cater for almost any types of application, ranging from standard fixed view and pan, tilt and zoom cameras, to full 360 degree and IP based cameras. Cameras can be connected to a Digital Video Recorder for local monitoring or via IP to remote control rooms with the ability to view live camera images and storage of camera footage on most mediums. CCTV is a powerful and cost effective tool.


Alarm Detection: The implementation of any alarm management solution creates a secure working environment during and outside of business hours. Alarm detection solutions are tailored to reflect operational requirements consisting of various alarm detection devices to alert staff of a wide range of security breaches, including environmental alarms, unauthorised entry alarms, system faults and the pre-warning of possible breaches. Alarm management also assists in providing all employee and visitors with an acceptable level of environmental, health and safety. The protection of individuals and assets is regarded as a priority and forms a large basis of any design brief.


Smart & Proximity Cards: Tronsec manage the creation and distribution of proximity, magnetic, smart cards and fobs. This also includes encrypted and secure formats to protect clients from the duplication and re-distribution of cards to third party persons or organisations. Tronsec provides a full range of direct to card printing, combining single or dual side print options and access control / time and attendance system operation, via: Barcode, Hi Co Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, and contactless Smart Card technologies that can allow for dual function technology, eliminating the need for multiple cards. We can supply simple black printed number only cards, through to full colour photo identification incorporating your organisations logo and colour schemes.


Visitor Management System assists organisations with medium to large foot traffic to screen and track individuals that pass through the entrances of sites and contributes significantly to the safety and protection of personnel and property For companies that have significant investments to protect, the ability to automatically screen and track visitors is an enhancement of any existing security plan. Visitor Management is a cost effective and user-friendly solution to:

  • Control security and know who is in your building at any given point in time.
  • Identify unwanted visitors.
  • Pre-register individual visitors or groups of visitors.
  • Viewing and printing visitor reports to ascertain who is still on site.
  • Protect the confidentiality of visitors and eliminate the misuse of visitor books and badges.
  • Increase reporting capabilities and aid in monitoring visitor traffic.

Photo Identification is the corner stone of every security system. Well designed, high quality identification cards form the basis of sound security practice by actively promoting an environment where access is simply and efficiently regulated through the wearing of corporate identification issued only to authorised personnel. Tronsec, through our experience in the field of security access control,recognises the benefits of Security Identification Systems and as part of our service provide a complete ID and access card design and production bureau. All ID products are produced using the latest in production equipment and consumables to ensure a quality product to our clients every time. Alternatively Tronsec can provide a Photo ID system complete with printers and accessories.


Perimeter Fence Line Alarm Management MicroNet cable technology detects any fence disturbance and locates it within three meter intervals. Digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain or heavy vehicles. MicroPoint Cable system is directly interfaced to any security platform permitting any security workstation to view the graphic map and alarm monitoring display, as well as reporting the location of the alarm to the offsite alarm monitoring control room. MicroPoint Cable is tie wrapped to a chain link fence where it detects vibrations from any cut or climb and locates the sector of intrusion. The location of each fence disturbance provides ‘Point Impact Discrimination Sensitivity’ caused by a cut or climb. Sensitivity levelling calibration automatically compensates for fence variations.


Electric Fencing systems are a non-lethal fence solutions specifically designed for security applications. The system is a visual deterrent for anyone attempting to break in as well as detecting attempts to breach the perimeter fence.Regulated electrical pulses are sent around the perimeter fence line, which give a short and safe shock. As the pulses are continually monitored,if intruders persist in attempting to break into the secured area, an alarm will be created and communicated locally to a keypad or security P.C. and if required to an offsite alarm monitoring control room.


Video & Audio Intercommunication Systems are used widely in multi- tenanted buildings to provide an additional level of security.Intercommunication systems have the ability to be fully integrated to access control and lift management systems to enable tenants to quickly and easily communicate with visitors wishing to gain entry to site. Single or multi function systems enable for the de-securing of vehicle entry points, pedestrian doors and lift access to floors.


Automated Gates systems assist in the management of personnel and vehicles accessing site and secure areas using the combination of custom built motorised entry and egress portals, integrated to access controlled systems. Most common applications are vehicle entry points using sliding and swing barriers and pedestrian entry points using turnstyle arrangements.Automated entry points can be interfaced to any perimeter security fence management systems such as electric fencing as well alarm management devices to detect unauthorised entry.

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