Company Overview

Tronsec Security has been in operation since 2002 servicing clients located throughout Australia.The directors of Tronsec have over 20 years experience in the field of electronic security design, implementation and management on a global scale. Tronsec employs electronic security engineers, installation and service technicians and data programmers. Tronsec specialise in all aspects of electronic security systems, in particular ‘total security management solutions’ and have a in-house IP based management resource point to provide total security management services for many of our local and National clients. The purpose of the in-house data centre is to provide a total security management service to our clients as a cost effective means to offer a single point of contact for security management, without the need for the client to manage multiple security contractors or services on a state, national or global level. Tronsec’s philosophy relating to electronic security design and implementation, as well as our business operations is credited to our ongoing success and is summed up as follows.


  • Security design is based on the operational and future requirements of the end user, not the preferred product or solution the security integrator prefers to install.
  • Tronsec does not deal in proprietary products or solutions; that limit the end user from sourcing alternative suppliers and integrators. This provides a secure warranty for the end user post implementation.
  • All engineering and design documentation is passed onto, and is subsequently owned by the client at the completion of the services Tronsec provide.
  • Continuity of projects/services is maintained through a single resources appointment. For example, the designated Tronsec Security Manager(s) who designs and documents the security solution also manages the implementation of the solution whether it is completed by Tronsec or third party integrators
  • All Tronsec employees have extensive knowledge of electronic security products and are licensed or certified for multi electronic security disciplines.

Tronsec provides continuous and ongoing security services to leading companies within the corporate, commercial, energy, aviation, transport, chemical and critical infrastructure sectors. We trust this insight into the business philosophy of Tronsec Security and some of the services we provide to well known organisations, provides you with an understanding of our ability to rise to any security challenge, as well as our ability to create a trustworthy business partnership.

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